Second Saturdays

Have you thought about participating in 2nd Saturday, one of the important outreach ministries of our church?
Second Saturday ministry reaches out in very practical ways to people in our community. Most often we build wheelchair ramps, allowing individuals with limited or poor mobility to remain in their homes. Other tasks include painting; yard work and even packing to help someone move. Anyone and everyone can come and help and be part of this team.
Breakfast is served at 7 to 8 a.m. in Hendrick Hall with a time of sharing and good fellowship with other volunteers. The work day is from 8 to 4. However volunteers are invited to come and help as their personal schedules allow. If you can work until 10 a.m. or until noon that is fine. If you are busy in the morning, but can come for the afternoon that is great as well.
It is not a requirement for all volunteers to be a “handy person” with tools and power tools. Everyone can help and contribute. You can do those tasks for which you are capable, but you might find yourself challenged to use tools and do tasks which might surprise you. Bob Vallandigham coordinator of 2nd Saturday work days is a professional contractor. Of course he has the professional expertise to do and direct all the tasks that come up. However, he also challenges volunteers to try new things, to increase their skills as we all become part of team from the church serving this as our mission of the church.

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The Second Saturdays of each month are devoted to helping someone in our area. Connections with individuals with need are made through Interlink Community Network. Ramps for people who are handicapped, yard work, painting and many other projects are taken on.


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