Giving to the Church via Online Bill pay option through your Checking Account

We are called to give of our time, talents and treasure to the church as a response to our faith. When we talk about financial support, this reflects on your personal situation, financial and personal. How are you being called to give financially to the church and to what extent are you financially able to provide financially to the church? There are important questions that we all need to consider.

You can take your online bill pay one step further by authorizing "recurring" payments for your gifts and offerings to the church. Here is what you need to do for most checking accounts and online bill pay directions.

Click on the name of the vendor to whom you want to send a payment, like Avista, Verizon or Clarkston 1st Presbyterian Church. Another menu will appear on the screen. One item on this menu says, "pay automatically". Click on "pay automatically" and you will have further options and you can give instructions as to how you wish to give your offering to the church automatically in a recurring way.

These choices include:
1. Amount to give;
2. how often to give, (monthly or some other time interval);
3. starting date; and
4. continue this recurring payment indefinitely or until a set ending date of your choice.

This process makes the giving of your gifts and offerings to the church so much easier. The same amount of money comes to the church each month until you take away the authorization or make different instructions. If you are out of town, especially for an extended period of time, your offerings to the church continue according to your wishes and instructions.


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