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Madge Justice Remembers the Early Days

Our next pastor was George Hendrick, his wife Eileen, and three young children.  They lived in the old manse while the new brick manse was being built across 12th St. to the west.  After the new sanctuary was completed, George's sister Harriet and her husband moved to Clarkston.  She was the choir director for a time.  Harriet's husband, an electrician, designed and installed the hanging lights in the current sanctuary. 
There were two ladies' service groups: the Ladies' Aid and the Women's Missionary Society.  Later that was changed to just The Women's Association.  All women of the church were automatically members.  That was divided into smaller groups or "circles".  They were named, Martha, Ruth, Koinonia, and Fireside.  There were sewing projects for missions.  For a number of years the group funded an orphan from a "third world" country.  There would be letters from the orphan to his "benefactors".  Pansy English was in charge of that project and enjoyed it greatly.  All of this took place in the new large dining room with it's big kitchen.  In those days, the Woman's Association put on a turkey dinner each November.  It was well attended by the townspeople.
The new brick manse was also used for adult Sunday School classes and other meetings.  The old two-story wooden manse was moved several blocks and is still used as a residence.


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