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Madge Justice Remembers the Early Days

I visited First Presbyterian in the old church building several times just out of curiosity even though my home church was the Federated in Lewiston.  The pastor of the Clarkston church was David Brown then.  He had been in that position more than 20 years.  Jeannette Martin was a regular in the old church and had been, perhaps for 8 years.  Later, I attended with Dave Justice after we were married in the old manse, May of 1948. 
An elaborate building program was started during Dr. Brown's final year.  The first phase was what is now the narthex and the basement Sunday school rooms.  Worship was held in the narthex using the metal folding chairs.  At the west end of the room was the entry and pastor's office (later to become the cold room for flowers).  Next to that was the kitchen, now the library.  Church dinners were held in the narthex by setting up tables.  At the east end of the room was a stage--great for performances.  One memorable night, a talent program was presented.  One performer was Bryan Bundy playing harmonicas.  I think he had six, starting with a little one about three inches long.  He kept taking out a larger one from his pocket, ending with a long chromatic.  His commentary between instruments was comical.

Rev. Brown retired in 1948 not long after Dave and I were married.  He was given a new car by the congregation and an honorary Doctor's degree from Whitworth College. After retirement, Dr. and Mrs. Brown moved to Omak.  They returned many times to visit the church.  For a number of years his name appeared on the bulletin as Pastor Emeritus.

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