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In 1963 the last addition to the church was begun. This housed three offices on the same floor as the sanctuary. On the lower floor was the kitchen and large fellowship hall.  The top floor consisted of five well-lighted classrooms. An apartment just north of the church was moved and the area was black topped as the parking lot. Rev. Hendrick died in 1965. The fellowship hall was renamed in his memory.



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The Rev. Arthur H. Johnstone, Jr. became pastor in 1965. The Board of Deacons was increased to fifteen members. The youth programs continued to remain strong. In 1968, the senior high youth group took a mission trip to New Mexico, as past groups had taken to Alaska and San Francisco.

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The church celebrated its 75th anniversary in 1972. The Rev. Donald J. Peterson was pastor at that time, serving from 1970 to 1976. During his ministry, a new organ was installed and the church grounds were landscaped. In 1976 the Rev. Donald Krug served as Interim Pastor.

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Rev. Johnstone


Rev. Melin

In 1977, the Rev. Willard C. Ackles became pastor, serving to 1986.  The Seekers, a collage age group started by Rev. Ackles, organized the first “I Made the Grade” bicycle climb in June of 1980. See more about Rev. Ackles by clicking on Madge's memories.

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     The Rev. Richard E. Melin served as pastor for 1987 to 1996. Under his leadership in 1992, the sanctuary was remodeled. An old church building at the corner of 11th and Sycamore was purchased and remodeled to serve the need for more space. It became the youth building with the Kingdom Kids Preschool downstairs and the youth activities upstairs. A family camp at Field Springs State Park was held each August. In 1995 a courtyard was built near the entrance to Hendrick Hall.


The Rev. Richard E. Melin is served for the Presbytery of the Inland Northwest, in Spokane, Wa., as Executive Presbyter before his retirement.


Associate Pastor Rev. Caroline Carr-Ritche assisted as the youth pastor from 1989 to 1991.


Also serving as Associate Pastor was the Rev. Andrew M. Kennaly, from 1994 to 1999, as youth pastor.


Rev. Walt Miller also served on staff as Parish Associate from 1992 to 1993. Interim Pastor between Will Ackles and Rick Melin - 1986-1987.

Rev. Ritchieandy

Rev. Miller

Rev. Terry

During  a portion of 1996 and the centennial year of 1997, the congregation was led by the Rev. Jack M. Terry, interim Pastor, and the Rev. Andrew M. Kennaly, Associate Pastor since 1994. It was found there was a need for a 15 passenger van and one was purchased.  A review for an updated sound system was completed and bids taken. It was an active church with 429 members, and a church van was purchased.



The centennial theme, “I am the vine, you are the branches” is from John 15:5.  Jesus is the vine and each of us are His branches, connected to Him, and to one another. These branches stretch from us to our children and into the future, as we share the love of Jesus.


The Rev. Mark  White served as pastor from 1997 to 2002.  The purchase of  the new sound system was completed. Mission outreach continued with two missions to Mexico, one to Pine Ridge, South Dakota and one to Seattle.  The van garage was built north of the church next to the existing garage.  A major change in worship came about, going from two traditional services to one traditional and one contemporary service, with a blended family service on every fifth Sunday. During this time Rev. Art Johnstone served as Parish Associate.

Rev. White

110th Celebration





The congregation enjoyed remembering the church's history at the time of the 110th anniversary. People dressed in old fashioned clothes for an evening dinner. Some members created a visual display around the fellowship hall.



    Rev Strickland

Rev. David Strickland


      In 2002 Rev. David Strickland came to be our interim pastor. He remained  until The Rev. Forrest Claussen became our pastor in 2006.


Rev. Claussen

Rev. Forrest Claassen



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