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 I come from a devout Presbyterian  family. My Dad’s parents, the  Alexanders, came from Flora,  Illinois, to homestead on Cedar  Ridge, east of Kendrick, in 1886.  They arrived by train to Moscow,  and then relied on an agent to find  the homestead.
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 I was born in Stockton, California on  July 7, 1919. When I was about two  years old, my father died. My  Mother went to work on a  cattle  ranch because she could keep me  with her. After numerous scares,  like me wandering in among the  cattle, trying to see the bottom of  the well, and other events, she  decided that wasn’t a place to raise  an inquisitive youngster.  more >>
Jeannette Martin

 I started attending First  Presbyterian Church with my  parents when I moved to Clarkston  in the fall of 1943, but because of  the uncertainty in local  employment, did not join until June  1949. Dr. David Brown was pastor  at the time.  After he’d been here  for probably 25 years, he retired,  and the Rev. George Hendrick  followed.  more>>

For 110 years, the people of First Presbyterian Church have been faithful to the Lord, to the Church, and to each other.  In this series, in their own words, individuals write about events that shaped their lives.

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 Clyde Wilson came to Clarkston in 1926 at  the age of five, and grew up as one of seven  siblings. His mother’s family was from Iowa,  and his Dad’s from Idaho. His father worked  on the early Potlatch dam and then at th e  Potlatch mill and his mother was a housewife .

I can’t really call myself a long-time member of First Presbyterian Church of Clarkston, nor am I a newcomer. My husband Dick and I with our five children, Russell, Richard, Peggy, Chuck, and Dean, arrived here from California in 1963. Dick had just retired from the Air Force and was persuaded to join his two sisters and their families who were living here at that time. They had come from Montana some years earlier.  more


Walt Schroeder grew up with five siblings in Methuen and Lawrence, Massachusetts, in a German-ancestry family.  His father sold life insurance for John Hancock and his early memories of the depression were that the family still had a  decent income from the premiums people paid for insurance. Walt’s early job was working at Pacific Mills in Lawrence as a “filling” clerk for the weaving looms.  more>>

Mary Kincaid’s church experience started in a bassinet at the Clearwater Presbyterian Church in Paramount, CA. Her paternal grandparents emigrated from Holland, and settled in a large Dutch community in Clearwater, California.  Her parents (Beth & Bill Verburg) headed up the young married group in the church, a practice they would replicate in one form or    another everywhere they moved.  more >>

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Don Poe was born in Pomeroy, Washington in 1935, his parents’ only child. The family moved to Clarkston in 1940 so he attended all 12 years in the Clarkston school system and fondly remembers the 13th Street neighborhood gang of kids he grew up with. Don’s mother, Mary Rice, was a school teacher in Pomeroy and met her husband, Ernie Poe there, who was in construction. Ernie and his brother bought a sand pit in Clarkston in 1940 at 16th and Chestnut and operated that for several years as well as doing small construction jobs.  In 1953, Ernie bought into a paving business with George Knapp. They paid $37,000 for the company. more
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