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Endowment Committee 

Chris Moore, Chair 
Steve Clovis  Finance Elder 
Don Poe 
Jeanne Keatts
Bob Harder 

The Endowment Fund provides income in perpetuity for the mission and ministries 
of our church. It is a permanent fund, the principle is invested, and only the income
generated from interest will be spent each year, according to guidelines established
by the Endowment Committee and Session.  The Fund is established to supplement and enhance, not substitute for, our regular tithes and offerings.  Session and the
 Committee will manage the Funds as a commingled annuity income fund. This
means that the Fund  shall pay the same percentage of earned income (usually 6
percent) each year to the various Sub­Funds to be used by various ministries. The
Endowment Committee uses gift acceptance and investment decisions consistent with the social witness principles adopted by the General Assembly, PCUSA. 

 our vision
        sub funds
When you make a gift now to the Endowment
Fund, you may designate your gift to one or 
more of the established Sub­Funds important to 
you. Other Sub­Funds will be added as interest
dictates and Session approves.

supports our four buildings, repairs, 
parking lots, and replacement costs 
for big ticket items like furnaces, 
roofs, organs, windows, kitchen 

supports day to day church expenses 
including salaries, insurance, 
benefits, utilities, supplies 

  • MISSION FUND supports mission 
efforts near and far including 
overseas ministry and travel 

  • DEACONS’ FUND supports youth 
First Presbyterian Church has been located in Clarkston, Washington since 1897, serving children and adults with love and a passion for worship and Christian education. We feel connected to those pioneers of 110 years ago, who had the vision in a time of great depression and impending war, to prepare for their future and our present. They built buildings, bought furnishings, contributed to missions, and paid salaries inlean times and in fat times. God has been generous to us, too, as He was to those who preceded us. By establishing this Endowment, we acknowledge our connection and debt to Him and to them.  Our requirement now is to give a useful legacy to those who come after us. This is a natural next step in the evolution of responsibility to our Christian community. 

Phone: 509 758-3381
Fax:    509 758-3382
Clarkston First Presbyterian Church
1122 Diagonal, Clarkston
Washington 99403