Five core values have consistently characterized the faith and witness of the First Presbyterian Church of Clarkston across its generations. We recognize in these the heartbeat of this congregation, and commit to using them to direct our decisions and actions for the church’s ministry.

Nurturing a Relationship with God through Prayer

We believe that God initiates a relationship with us and provides prayer as a means of participating in that relationship. When we pray, our lives are changed and God’s Spirit is released in the world to bring his loving authority to all people. We commit ourselves to seeking the wisdom and guidance of God in all that we do, both as individuals and as a church.

Discovering God’s Word in Scripture

We believe the Bible to be the written Word of God. It is the unique witness to God’s merciful gift to the world in Jesus Christ. When we embrace the Word, our relationship with God is formed and our lives are transformed. We commit ourselves to that embrace through preaching, teaching and study.

Ministering to Children and Youth

We believe that God wants a relationship with people of all ages. A church renews itself when it passes its faith to future generations by teaching young people and encouraging them to live in faithful response to God’s grace. We commit ourselves to ministering to children, youth, and their families, providing a foundation for their faith in Jesus Christ.

Creating Relationships Throughout All Generations

We believe that our relationship with God grows when we build strong ties within our church community. Strong churches value and respect the unique contribution of each generation. We commit ourselves to listening to and enjoying one another, serving one another in moments of need, and working together to bring Christ’s good news to the world.

Serving the Community

We believe that a growing relationship with God inspires us to share his love through practical service in our community. We commit ourselves to identifying and actively responding to the needs of people around us.

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