We commit to using the five core values to direct our decisions and actions for the church’s ministry. Our church, however, holds three additional values that are not yet fully developed. We will strive to increasingly weave these three additional values into our faith and witness in the years ahead.

  1. Worshiping God Together

We believe that gathering regularly to worship nourishes our relationship with God. Praising God, acknowledging our shortcomings, hearing God’s Word, and offering our lives in service all declare our belief in his promises. God confirms those promises and strengthens our faith when we celebrate the life of the Spirit in baptism and the Lord’s Supper. We desire to worship God in a way that expresses our joy in discovering God’s sure love for us.

  1. Sharing Our Faith

We believe that our relationships with God and with each other through Jesus Christ need to be shared. We want others to know the happiness and gratitude that God’s love has given us. We desire to introduce Jesus Christ to those who do not know him and to invite those without a church home into our fellowship. We are not to wait for people to find us. We are to find them.

  1. Serving the World Beyond the Local Community

We believe that God loves the entire world and asks us to bring that love to places beyond our valley. Direct contact with followers of Jesus Christ in other places expands our understanding and appreciation of the Gospel and the Church’s mission. As we recognize the needs of people throughout the world, we are challenged to demonstrate God’s love through hands-on service. We desire to develop relationships of service and love with others around the world, and in doing so, to be more responsible followers of Christ.


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